About Compass Family Counseling Services

Mental Health Counselors in Oakhurst

Based in Oakhurst, Compass Family Counseling Services is a group of dedicated therapists who want to provide counseling to move you and your family to a healthier place. We have counselors who specialize in trauma, family conflict, anxiety, depression, defiant teenagers, folks struggling with substance abuse, and ...
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The Benefits Of Counseling

The numerous advantages of mental health counseling are as wide-ranging as they are long-lasting. Mental health counseling offers a range of benefits, including a sense of clarity and an improved sense of direction, too. In the long term, a wellness plan can help you avoid a crisis by utilizing counseling ...
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Our Services

Our services provide a warm and welcoming environment for counseling and support. We've given a lot of thought to what it means to be a patient with us, and we've designed our services to feel safe and calm—we want you to feel at ease as we help you through a difficult process. Rest assured, you’re in good hands ...
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